Nerd Rap

by Reina del Cid

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RD to the C straight outta NYC
well, not quite NYC . . . MPLS-SP
See I come from Minne
in the heart of the city
where they love me for my swag
and my jeans so skinny

I’m the Mexiweigan journal-keepin’ queen of the North
I rock the green chuck taylors
and I’m in touch with the Force
Ain’t got no Rolls Royce baby
I’m a biker for sure
I’ll be biking from my hood to the cooperative store

Y’all I’m a winetaster
I’ve been a jailbreaker
And if you’re going through a thing
I’ll be your caretaker
I love to learn about the cosmos
and all the big balls of gas
And I think Neil Degrasse Tyson’s
got the sexiest… mind

And if you wonder why my rhymes
are so smooth and tight
it’s ‘cause I learned from the greats
and I studied ‘em right

I don’t mean Tupac
and I don't mean Nelly
I mean Milton and Shakespeare
or at least Zepherelli (elli, elli, elli)

Nicki, Diddy, 50
and the rest are just amateurs
gonna kick it and jam in here
in iambic pentameter
I got lyrical stamina
so you take out camera
snap a picture for you mom
cause you know she’s my fan, hey ma!

I ain’t no world class rapper
I don’t have no gold on my teeth
Or ride around in limousines
but if you’re sick of Weezy
you can party it up with me

Roll up to the club
and I pull out my nine
books that bought ‘cause this the time
that we meet every week
over coffee and tea
to discuss some badass poems
from the last century

BOOM, there’s no stopping me now
I got the mic and the stage
and that dude in the crowd
who’s reaching for his cash
‘cause he thinks it’s gonna get dirty
but with Reina del Cid
it’s only gonna get nerdy

I’ll be the subject to your life’s prepositional phrase
and I will conjugate your verbs
in the best possible way
Ain’t got no drama with homonyms
From right here/hear to the sun/son
See I got 99 problems
but a which/witch ain’t one

I ain’t no world class rapper
I don’t have no gold on my teeth
Or ride around in limousines
but if you’re sick of Kanye
you can party it up with me

I got no rims on wheels
got no chains on my chest
and you won’t find me twerkin' on mtv
but when that sh*t gets old then
you can party it up with me


released September 15, 2014
Recording and mixing by Reina del Cid



all rights reserved


Reina del Cid Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reina del Cid is a folk rock artist out of the Twin Cities. Reina is joined by Toni Lindgren, Chris Wiberg, and Zach Schmidt.

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